Better Care

DogAmerica is the choice dog day care facility providing daily physical and mental enrichment for dogs through proven training techniques. DogAmerica enhances the overall well-being of the dog to strengthen the relationship between them and their owner, making for a well-rounded canine citizen in the community.

Activities, Training and Rest

Dogs are assigned to a playgroup based on size, age and play style. The dogs will play with each other, climb on the play equipment and interact with the staff. They will review basic obedience commands at several intervals during the day, focusing on individual and group behaviors to improve canine citizenship. All dogs take a break from playtime as needed to relax and nap.

NOTE: Not all dogs are good candidates for day care. If your dog loves to play with other dogs and has energy to spare, dog day care may be a good fit.

Additional Training

Knowing basic obedience commands and general “dog manners” makes for a better pet and canine citizen in the community.

For an additional fee, our certified play group attendants will work individually with your dog. Sessions are limited to 15 minute intervals, 4 times during the day. This maximizes the amount of time we can expect peak interest from your dog. Our goal is to provide you with the proper tools needed to nurture the bond between you and your dog.

We also offer evening group training classes covering a variety of topics, from basic manners and obedience for both puppies and adults as well as specialized classes for scent work, clicker training and more. The next session will begin in January 2017. Classes are 6-weeks long, last 1 hour and the cost is $80.


As part of providing a safe and healthy environment, we strive to be a “Green Facility”. We minimize the chemicals the dogs are exposed to when they are here by selecting environmental and animal friendly cleaning and disinfecting products. We also reduce, reuse, and recycle in all areas.


For additional fees, we provide light grooming for our client’s dog, including: bathing, brushing/combing, nail trim and blowout. Advanced reservations are required. We suggest you schedule your appointment for a time when your dog is already in daycare.

Better Care Builds Better Dogs™